Choice Is Everything.

Choice is everything in today’s hard and fast pace of life, but sometimes too much choice is just not good for you.  Sticking to a formula and adhering to the code is pretty much a discipline in today’s, frantic way of working.  So where do we begin.

Top Tips for Following Code

  1. Give yourself a break.  There will be time to do everything.
  2. Take a break every few hours, 20 minutes if you can. (Away from the computer).
  3. See what is going on outside.
  4. Come back to the work schedule with determination to remain relaxed. (Despite that pile of research).
  5. Have plenty of tea breaks.  Even to stretch your legs and walk about a bit.
  6. The clock is not ticking like you think it is.  If you wish to burn the candle go ahead but, balance that with equal amounts of time away from work.
  7. Remember the time zones are just perfect for some states, may just be the thing.
  8. The brain works best under certain conditions, and everybody is different so, master your own schedule.

There won’t be much to do,  once you finish everything??? But the more you do, leads to more stuff to do…it’s an endless wheel of Groundhog Day.  But an interesting one.  Most importantly it has to be fun…My main moto!  

Feature written by L.Church 2012. Copyright Halochurch