Blazing The Radar Fantastic

Sometimes I can look at a blog and admire it and want to read on.  This is the allure that some fabrics have on me too, or flowers.   Sometimes it is like watching a good film, drawn into the set.   

Other times, it is like being stuck in an elevator, trying to hit the open door button. But there are some great blogs about and I am about to look at three of them.



On the ever expansive site of Chris Guillebeau, World Traveller and Life Coach, it is great to see there is a section for interaction from subscribers, with a comments section.  It is also a bonus to come across  links to other sites ie. Jonathon Fields

The social network links are limited though, and only reach Twitter, Facebook and allow RSS feed.  The category and tags function is on, which is good as this helps to source more information.

Once you get past the distracting design of the blog, you find there are some really interesting articles, and you could spend ages going through them all.

His two column blog, tells us to write 1000 words a day, and by the extent of his content it seems as though he is a pretty regular writer.

The navigation bar is easy to find, and uncomplicated.  It is easy to subscribe to future newsletter’s, and the RSS Feed button is in the centre of the navigation bar, so if nothing else, if a person was pushed for time, they could press this, and be instantly linked to future and current content.

We find through reading the content further links to the “Unconventional Guide” flagship store where we can buy books on related subjects.  Chris Guille Beau uses text, photo’s and images of books to express his identity and his brand.

Lateral Action is run by a poet, Mark McGuinness.  His site has great content once you scroll down.  His navigation bar is easy to work through, and straight away on the left hand side is the subscribe button for future content.

The social media buttons are there but are limited to only Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  His content is very much thinking out loud.  He has comments from others so you can see some interaction going on.  His content is quite regular every week.

It is good to see he has the search button, so you can source other stuff.  Plus, the RSS feed is available so you can easily link this to your Google feed.  The  site works with video, pictures, images, and text, and is quite spacious in content.


Virtual Miss Friday is run by Michelle.  It is a Consultancy for Virtual Assistance. Although one initially wonders if this is an immediate response service, though we later realise it runs to a 9-5, Monday to Friday schedule.  But we can ask a question and are promised a reply in 24 hours.

A two column page with a 3 column footer. A video that rings with the sound of Sting is pinned in the right of the page.  The navigation bar is too cluttered for my liking, and was distracting.

When wanting to source the services I found I was going round and round in circles.

But I found the Appointments Button tagged at the far right at the centre of the page, and that explained everything and gave me a price too.  The content links to another site called The VA Shoe String.   The content was really useful, for Virtual Assistants wanting to make the grade and get started in business.