Jazz, Salsa, Samba & Bosa Nova ~ Dreamy Tunes

Never before did I think I would be a list writer, but once I found myself making this amazing compilation of music, and I just had to keep the artist’s work at hand, to refer to.  Now I gave the compilation away, and just have the list, but of course I have all the vinyl.

Charity shops have been springing up all over the place, and where I live we have a fair few.  Which to me is a treasure trove.  Sometimes, only sometimes you can find some real gems.  This little passion has been with me since I bought my first 7″ down Camden Market ~ Sly & The Family Stone.

These tracks follow on from each other so well….summer days..!

  1. Herp Alpert & The Tijuana ~ Spanish Harlem (1964)
  2. (Same Album) – Winds of Barcelona (1964)
  3. Oscar Peterson (plays) Cole Porter – In  The Still Of The Night
  4. Tony Scott – Clarinet – If I Love Again (1956)
  5. Herp Alpert – If You Could Read My Mind (1971)
  6. Nina Rosso (plays) Francis Lai – Un Homme Libre (1974)
  7. The Chantays – Banzai (1963)
  8. Sergio Mendes – Fool On The Hill – Lennon/McCartney (1967)
  9. Burt Bacharach & Hal David – What The World Needs Now
  10. Stanley Cowell (Thumb Piano) – Spanish Dancers (1970)
  11. (Same Album) – Afro American Suite Of Evolution (1970)
  12. South America – Los Zafiros – Guantanamera (1973)
  13. George Girshwin & Ira Girshwin, Dizzy Gillespie (Trumpet) & Bill Graham (Sax) – Love Is Here To Stay (1952)
  14. Hans Schachtner (Trumpet) – The More I See You
  15. Vicentico Valdes & LA Sonora Matancera – Los Aretes De La Luna (2004)
  16. Alegria All Stars – Flautero & Yo (2004)

Then to start a new mood a more Cuban sound. Something to drift off to…!  Deep, passionate sounds that resonate with summer love.

  1. Celia Cruz – Melao De Cana (2004)
  2. Grupo Cubana – Boliviana (2004)
  3. Ritmo Alegria – Vino Anejo (2004)
  4. Rene Grande & Su Super Combo New York – Descargo Combo N.Y. (2004)
  5. Os Ipanemas (1975/1995) Mr Bongo
  6. Consaloacoa (1975)
  7. Java ~ Jangal (1975)
  8. Stan Getz & Laurindo Almeida – Once Again (1963/1966)
  9. Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd – Desafinado (1962)
  10. Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson – Bronx Blues 

Maybe it’s down to my big brother teaching himself guitar at home, when I was a child, and becoming an inspiration to me, with his ability to pick up the chords of any song he chose to focus on.  Or maybe it is now, seeing his son, with the same ability and skill to transfer  a song into the chords of a guitar.  But somewhere along the line, I developed a real love for music.


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