Every time I travel through central London during peak hours, I always notice the grey and sunken faces of the people flocking home.  What really I notice are the ground down, tired out commuters, that look like walking ghosts. It is the parody of wanting to have the best of both world’s.  The security of […]

Never before did I think I would be a list writer, but once I found myself making this amazing compilation of music, and I just had to keep the artist’s work at hand, to refer to.  Now I gave the compilation away, and just have the list, but of course I have all the vinyl. […]

Sometimes I can look at a blog and admire it and want to read on.  This is the allure that some fabrics have on me too, or flowers.   Sometimes it is like watching a good film, drawn into the set.    Other times, it is like being stuck in an elevator, trying to hit […]

Evaluating the impact of changes in the way services are planned, organised and delivered. Dementia is a condition usually associated with people in their later years, but there are cases of much younger people developing the condition, in their thirties and forties usually linked to Pick’s disease or Huntington’s disorder. Pick’s disease, a degenerative disease […]

WHICH TRIBE ARE YOU? Hunting and gathering of information is the survival of the now generation.  The more you know and the better informed one is, the more adaptable one becomes to continuing in life, on a level that is identifiable to one’s tribe. Tribe and the effectiveness of Tribe has been a very important […]

Choice is everything in today’s hard and fast pace of life, but sometimes too much choice is just not good for you.  Sticking to a formula and adhering to the code is pretty much a discipline in today’s, frantic way of working.  So where do we begin. Top Tips for Following Code Give yourself a […]

WHICH BLOOD TYPE ARE YOU? [O  ~  A  ~  B  ~ AB ]  

I’m writing as Living With Depression has been my way of life, since I can remember.      There is so much to say, that doesn’t get said, and so many thoughts, that don’t get shared.  So much doesn’t get communicated, and the way of life becomes a narrow and hard path.  You become certain, […]